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Here is my finished website! It is still a bit of work in progress but all together I am really happy with the way it turned out!


Designing a Website

For my final project in Digital Communications, I am designing a website that will work as my own digital resume and portfolio. This website will help to show all of the projects that I have completed in this class. For my website I have decided to use Wix as my platform.

When first considering the design of my website, I need to think about who will be using my website. Who am I trying to market myself to?

  • Potential employers (publishing companies)
  • Admissions for grad school
  • My Digital Communications professor
  • Me

By taking this list of people into consideration, I need to next think about my strategy.

BulletExternal Strategy is what I, as the creator, want users to get from/learn from my site or what I want users to do on my site.

BulletInternal Strategy is what I want to accomplish or get out of my website.


Next, I need to determine my scope. This is ensuring that all pieces of my website work fluidly together.

BulletFunctions and Features

  • Resume
  • Projects from my Digital Communications class
  • Deliverables
  • Contact form/email link
  • Tools that easily show users what to do

Writing Web Content that Works

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My Digital Communications class is beginning our final project, designing a website. The chapters from Janice Redish’s book Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works helped me a lot with gathering my ideas. When I go on a website today, I am not thinking about why the creator choose the layout, or why the search bar is in the right corner. I simply go on the website and expect it to work, to be easy to use and navigate. These chapters from Redish’s book gives useful tips for designing a successful website and ensure that the website user can easily find the information they want.

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It’s All About User Experience

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Have you ever been on a confusing website? You just want to checkout but you can’t figure out how to place an order. What do you do? Most give up and move onto a different website. You, as the user, did not have a good experience. On websites today, user experience is vital. With so many different companies now online, if their website is confusing, users will move on and not come back. In Jesse Grant’s “The Elements of User Experience,” the necessity of having a good user experience is conveyed as well as tips on how to build a user friendly website.

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Point of View

Point of View, it is a subtle narrative device used in all storytelling. When developing a story the point of view chosen is determined by what beliefs, concerns or opinions the storyteller wants to communicate. Most people, do not begin a story without a message in mind. Whither the scene be  shot from the eye of the character, or from the perspective of the storyteller, the interests and attitudes of the character is conveyed. Douglass and Harden’s chapter three of The Art of Technique: An Aesthetic Approach to Film and Video Production called “Point of View” gives an overview of the different point of views along with how the audiences attitude needs to be taken into consideration.

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